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Host a Tonic Sol-fa concert - Part 2

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on May 19, 2016 1:06:31 PM

Our last effort was such a success, we're giving some more of you a chance to experience a Tonic Sol-fa concert in your city!

Spring is here...Flowers are popping, lawns are needing to be mowed, and school is about to end for the year.

Our recent “Favorite Bands Tour” just wrapped - with unique venues, sold out shows and cities we've rarely/never visited.  This would not have been possible without you!

Now, we are in the process of finalizing our fall tour (running from Sept 5 to Oct 31). And once again, this is a great opportunity for schools, cities, and communities to bring Tonic Sol-fa's Emmy award-winning vocals to your area.

We are looking for an excited individual (or group of individuals) to help pull this off.

In order to qualify for consideration, you need to match the following criteria:
Allow Tonic Sol-fa free use of your auditorium, theater, or other performance space for the day of the show.
Allow Tonic Sol-fa use of dressing room space.
Provide assistance with concert promotion (i.e. hang posters, send out provided email to your email lists, play provided DVD/commercial on your closed-circuit tv, post info on your website and social media sites, etc.)
Provide load-in and load-out help the day of the performance (Minimum of 2 people).
Provide use of stage lighting and 2 people to help during the Tonic Sol-fa performance.
If the short list above is something you think is feasible, we invite you to contact us. Time is running out and space is limited, so email us immediately if you are interested (Must apply by May 31st, 2016).
Requests and inquiries should be sent to
We look forward to hearing from you and adding your city to our upcoming tour!
Greg, Jared and Shaun
Tonic Sol-fa

TSF and the musical trends

Posted by Shaun Johnson on Feb 9, 2016 9:00:00 AM

I remember when a musical group had to stick to "their kind of music" - country groups sang country, pop groups sang pop...and the two rarely met.  But to me... maybe only in the past few years... maybe because of internet radio...perhaps because of the explosion of discoverable music... more and more artists are taking chances.  More and more artists are enjoying the freedom and creativity of just creating.  And although some collaborations may fall flat, the majority are finding an audience...their audience. Suddenly classical finds rock.  And songwriters team with jazz artists.  Country artists try bluegrass.  And dancers team with symphonies.  
This year personally highlights that very trend to me.  TSF introduced looper technology on a song to showcase Greg's arranging skills (Thank you, Ed Sheeran), tried world percussion, three voices, four voices, guest rap spots, a dance number, even used piano (gasp) on a song.  Of course, over the past decade, we've sung with gospel artists and country stars; we've used percussion intricately on multiple albums and tours and integrated video as well.  So, in some ways, what is old for us is now new... or possibly more in vogue.  I hope we've always separated ourselves.  We've fought against a cappella as a "niche" style of music.  And we've always fought for original music and arrangements... original style... to make "new" music rather than adding another cute twist.  And to all of the fans who've been just open and crazy enough to follow this non-traditional journey, I thank you ten-fold.    




Tonic Sol-fa


Tonic Sol-fa tour pre-announcement

Posted by Greg Bannwarth on Feb 5, 2016 9:43:58 AM

Hey, Gang!

So, here we are.  2016.  Whodathunkit?  TSF is still going, and going, and going.  That's right.  We're like the Energizer bunny of the a cappella world.  Except less rabbit-like.  Except for the ears.  Especially Jared's.

And, since we are still going, we'd love for you to come along for the ride!  Let's start with our upcoming "Favorite Bands" tour.  That's right.  I said "Favorite Bands."  Why, you ask?  Well, you see, we all have our favorite bands - for instance, some of mine  are The Eagles, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys; Shaun can't decide on his because he has so many, and Jared's, of course, is Captain and Tennille.  AND, we're sure you have yours.  Hopefully, we fall into that category for you, which is why we want to get out there and show you just how much we appreciate your support!

Wanna know something else?  For those of you who haven't seen us in the past year, you're in for a real treat!  Why?  Well, 2015 was quite a year of change for us, and I gotta say, it's only gotten better!  We had a blast all year with new shows, new songs, our special guest Theo Brown, and this year looks to continue the trend!!!  Who knows, maybe Jared will finally even get to sing "Muskrat Love" for the masses.  Or not.  Hopefully not.

Either way, keep checking in with us on social media and the like (those Greg and Jared on the road vids are da bomb) for updated info on the "Favorite Bands" tour and the like, and hopefully we'll see you "on the road!"  Get it?  Like our super funny videos?  I know, right?  I'm very funny.

Love will keep us together,



Tonic Sol-fa

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Greg rambles about things, but some make sense

Posted by Greg Bannwarth on Nov 6, 2015 5:00:00 PM

What can I say?

Another year has come and gone, and even though this one was a doozy, it was probably one of the most memorable ones for me in particular.

Why do I bring this up?  Because gang, it's time once again for our ANNUAL HOLIDAY TOUR!!!  Why is that last part all in caps?  To quote one of the great minds of our time from one of the best movies of all time - "I don't know!!!" - Pee wee Herman/Pee wee's Big Adventure.  Happens to be one of Jared's favorites - seriously, just ask him to do his "Pee wee laugh" the next time you see him.  You won't regret it.

Speaking of holidays, I love them.  All of them.  But since we don't do a tour for all of them, let's focus on the one we do, shall we?  We shall.

I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say it.  This year's tour is unprecedented.  There I said it.  Why did I say it? Because it's super true!  For starters, TSF is now a trio!  Never been that before.  Yes, we may have a special guest or two, but at the core of everything, it all comes down to the trifecta.  The triumvirate. Triplets almost.  Although none of us look like each other.  But you get my meaning, right?  Right!  It's been interesting and exciting changing our arrangements to better fit a trio, not to mention learning plenty of new songs in that format, which in and of itself should be worth seeing live!  Do you have our new cd Original?  Do you like it?  Do you want to hear it live?  Well, here's your chance for that as well!  Do you like dancing?  Do you like seeing us take a stab at it?  Well, I'm not saying that it's a forgone conclusion that this will happen, but rumor mill has it that even Jared has been learning to shake a leg.  Now that's just the rumor mill, but you know what they say about rumors...that it was a pretty darn good Fleetwood Mac album.

None of that is enough to entice you, you say?  Well, how would you feel if we were to tell you that we plan on giving each and every one who attends our show this year a crisp $100 bill?  Probably pretty good, yes?  Well, I know I would.  Unfortunately, that probably won't happen, but I'll see what I can do.  Cuz we're a team, gang.  And there's no I in team.  Right?  Did I spell that correctly?  Anybody?

In the meantime, keep checking social media for all kinds of new updates (including some amazing videos by 2 wild and crazy guys), and keep buying tickets to the show, and telling others!!! Because let's face it, no one likes to be left out of the party, and this year looks to be epic.  Just like Pee wee's bike.  Heh-heh!



Tonic Sol-fa

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Tonic Sol-fa holiday tour 2015 rundown

Posted by Shaun Johnson on Oct 30, 2015 10:52:05 PM

I read a lot of posts/notes/blogs from people who've seen TSF numerous times. And the common theme seems to be that a Tonic Sol-fa show will surprise you yet always entertain you.  Well let's just say we are working on the surprises this year.  
Will you get a peek into Greg's creative genius, arrangement-focused mind?  Maybe.  
Will you watch two members pull off a song-length dance?  Probably.  Sorry about this one.
Will Plastic Santa - finally returned after being held hostage most of the year - provide some more irreverent punch?  Gonna be likely.  
Is it possible that we will have three people attempt a rap?  Depends on the show.  
Will the three of us finally sing a song from our very first movie soundtrack? Yes, unless rehearsals stink.  
Might someone play percussion?  A piano?  A tuba?  Let's get a little crazy, a cappella people.  
Will we finally get to that ultimate convergence of technology, elegance, humor and vocal gymnastics wrapped in the purity of the human voice?  Time will tell... time will tell.  (Not sure why I repeated that last line... but if you could see me, I'm slowly walking out the door for emphasis.)


Tonic Sol-fa


On the road with Greg & Jared

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Oct 5, 2015 11:26:34 AM

Our 2015 Holiday Tour is fast approaching, and with it comes an unabashed onslaught of publicity reminders of this year's tremendously awesome show. Due to our limited budget, we're often required to pick and choose where our precious dollars are spent. Since we tend to choose to spend our limited funds on the production, you are subject to somewhat unpolished offerings of our homemade commercials. We trust that you're able to look past the lack of professionalism to the heart of message, which is for you to make plans to attend our holiday show.

See you soon.

Tonic Sol-fa



A brief synopsis of Tonic Sol-fa's new album, "Original".

Posted by Shaun Johnson on Aug 22, 2015 12:43:41 PM

The new Tonic Sol-fa CD, "Original," is ready is now on Spotify...and in production to be available for the MN State Fair (our next live performance)...and beyond. All Kickstarter supporters will be receiving their copy shortly. And I know that Jared, Greg and I are anxious to see what all of you think of this latest project... after one listen or (hopefully) after hundreds. Let's all play it so much, we get sick of it by Christmas... and then bring it back out in January.

Quick personal thoughts about each song:

Northside Gal - How in the world does Greg arrange songs like this? (It's like seeing the inside of his mind briefly).

The River is Wide - We have been sitting down to attend voice lessons, arrange a bit more together, write a bit more together. And to that end, we worked on beats, chords, and ideas. This song came from one of our first sessions.

Holiday - Brought to us by Jared. And defined by Jared. One of these days, we should solo out his part on a track just so people can hear how much is really going on.

Free at Last - Just three parts and a drum. This is what you get when you come to a TSF live performance.

I've Got a Woman - This song works live AND on the album (in my humble opinion). Ummm. Jared raps?!! And Greg's vocal percussion adds intricacy without ever overpowering the rest.

Marching Soldiers - One of my favorites. This tune is a departure for us, but a solid original just the same. Hopefully, you will agree.

And then there were Christmas songs...

Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Let's all give a shout out to MaLLy. We looked up "Best up-and-coming Midwestern rap artists" and this guy is it. So happy to collaborate with this gentleman.

Jingle Bells - Maybe my second favorite? And high five to Greg for helping us work in FDR's fireside chat.

Sleigh Ride - Jason, who mixed this song, just made it jump out of the speakers. Oh, and Greg raps!?!

Peace on Earth - This song is just A LOT of similar verses. To change that up, we brought in Ivy (our special guest) and together wrote a counter line to the original melody. I love the collaboration.

Leaving Heaven - Greg sings fantastically. Let's just all say it together.





Tonic Sol-fa

ORDER NOW! Will ship after Aug. 30th

More Tonic Sol-fa musings from Greg

Posted by Greg Bannwarth on Aug 20, 2015 12:10:09 PM

So, we're getting towards the end of summer. Bummer. Dumb and Dumber. That's one of Jared's all time favorites.

But enough about academy award winning movies - let's talk Minnesota State Fair! Yup, it's that time again. Time to hang with a million of your fellow Minnesotans in a bacchanal of fried foods, awesome entertainment, fellowship and swag. Are you going? I am. Know why? Chicken thigh. J/k, it's cuz we'll be performing once again, and this year will be a little different than ones in the past. How, you say? I'll tell you.

First, as many of you know, Tonic Sol-fa became a trio earlier this year, but we have embraced the change and have since recorded a BRAND NEW ALBUM! It's entitled "Original", and is full of some of your favorites from the past few years, as well as some of the what I consider our best original material to date! "Original" will be available for the first time at the Minnesota State Fair, so come and be part of history in not only watching us in this new lineup (we also have a special guest, Theo Brown, joining us), but by being one of the first to get our new album! Trust me, you won't be disappointed! And if you are, tell Jared. He's very good at listening. Or is it sleeping?

While you're there, you should check out our holiday tour listing and go online to get your tickets now!!!! We are really looking forward to this year's tour, and just know that even in the midst of all of the changes this year, we've been diligently working on a whole new holiday show as well - I know, right! We rock! Just like the tuxes the boys wear in Dumb and Dumber. Similar to Jared's wedding. For reals.

So, what have we learned here? That you should go the state fair, get our new album, grab some Sweet Martha's (and feel free to bring us some:), get tix to our holiday tour, and that Jared is a movie connoisseur....all in all, a pretty good day of learning, don't you think? I do.



Tonic Sol-fa

ORDER NOW! Will ship after Aug. 30th


New Tonic Sol-fa album getting closer

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Aug 12, 2015 6:00:00 PM

It's getting close now, can you feel it? Maybe not exactly, but it won't be much longer and our new album will be ready. We're excited to have you all listen to it, get your feedback, and hopefully share it with others. There's a little something on it for everyone and we feel it's our best CD yet. Save the date on your calendar to pre-order, because you won't want to miss this one!


Greg, Jared and Shaun

Tonic Sol-fa



Tonic Sol-fa ahead of the technology curve for the first time.

Posted by Jared Dove on Jul 5, 2015 5:00:00 PM

So, a few of you have caught our first few live broadcasts on Periscope. For those of you hearing this refernce for the first time, we are talking about the app available for your mobile device (Not the sight apparatus found in submarines, or the cardboard tube you pieced together when you were a kid).

In any case, this handy new app (found in your app store) is the internet's most recent way to keep us all connected, or due to a lack of better judgement, the next detrimental advance in technological society. (Seriously, we shudder to think of the ramifications where this rabbit-hole will go. Parents watch your kiddies with this one.)

Periscope allows us to broadcast live to our fans. For those of you who miss a live broadcast, you will be able to view it online for up to 24 hrs. The great thing about this, is that we can take you anywhere with us (backstage, travel, etc.) and it's live! No editing, no waiting, blah, blah, blah.

The bad thing is...It's LIVE! No editing, no do-over. This means we'll need an extra dose of leniency, patience, and forgiveness. At some point we're bound to do something we regret, say something we regret, or look dreadful. Most likely it won't be any worse than an onstage screw-up, this will just be around for the next 24hrs.

Fortunately you also have the opporunity to respond live via text, which we can read (as can everyone else viewing the broadcast btw, so keep it decent or we'll be forced to block you), and also show some love by tapping the "heart" button. So, if we for instance, have some leftover food on our face or in our teeth, kindly let us know onscreen, so we can remedy it immediately.

We also want to provide an interesting broadcast to our faithful followers, so if you have a subject (musical or otherwise) or setting (performance setup, backstage, airport travel, restaurant, etc.) you'd like to see, let us know.

It's always exciting to test out new technology and see where we can connect with our fans. Sometimes things work and our fans dig it, sometimes they don't. We kind of hope this one does.

See you on the interlink.



Tonic Sol-fa