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Greg reminisces Christmas television

“Christmastime is here, happiness and cheer…..”   Ah, the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  For those of you who were lucky enough to watch it in the early 80′s, you remember that twirling, rainbow/earth tone CBS logo (accompanied by the distinctive congas) that signified a very “special” night.  That logo meant any number of things were about to be shown throughout the rest of the year, but for me and my siblings, we simply knew it as part of the aforementioned yearly “Peanuts gang” spectacle.  Nowadays, you can watch all of the old stop action/claymation shows (even “Nestor, the long eared Donkey”), along with all of the new digital animation specials throughout December on some channels, or, as my dad always reminds me “There’s 24 hours of ‘A Christmas Story’ starting Christmas Eve” on yet another channel.
Some would say “bah humbug” to the fact that modern technology now allows us such easy access to these cinematic
gems that, once upon a time, were only accessible 1 night a year, thus creating the real “must see tv” for many families during the holiday season.
What do I say?  I say “Bring on the egg nog and string the popcorn (has anyone ever done that?), ‘cuz Greg’s got lots of DVR space and some mega family time to get to once the tour is over!”  And what better way to spend said time than snuggling up with the fam on the couch and watching Yukon Cornelius help Frosty not melt and put One Foot in Front of the Other while Santa contemplates whether anyone believes in him anymore as Linus delivers the speech that saves the pageant all the while Ralphie tries not to shoot his eye out on the island of Misfit Toys.  Or something like that.

Think I had too much egg nog.



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  1. Posted by torridluva

    I love it. I am an old woman who has spent the past few weeks breaking down the importance of a Charlie Brown Christmas to my nieces, and nephews whom associate Christmastime with Harry Potter… All that I can say to them is.. Really?


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