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Greg’s TSF farewell to summer

Days are getting cooler and shorter, leaves are beginning to change colors, Jared will soon be taking his 3rd shower of the year – all signs that summer is ending and fall is upon us.  And guess what?  Even though it was hotter than blue blazes this year, it feels like I blinked and summer was over (cue sad trombone).
With that being said, I will tell you this fall is really shaping up to be the best one since 2011!  Not only did we take on and conquer the Tough Mudder – which was both tough and muddy by the way – but now we’re on to what has become our yearly pilgrimage to the sultan of swine – the Preble County Pork Festival. And yes, after training for TM for some time and depriving myself of a lot of my favorite (if not so good for me) foods, I plan to eat my weight in pig.  Some might say I’m gonna “pig out”!  Thank you, I’m very punny.  I mean funny.  Ha! There I go again! Oink.

No matter what happens, I know the last quarter of 2012 is gonna be good for TSF – unlike the last quarter of the movie “2012″ starring John Cusack.  Let’s be honest, the whole movie stunk.  Ah, those wacky Mayans!  Speaking of stink….gotta go, Jared’s headed this way….

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  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Oh, Greggy, how I heart you!! I always laugh giddily when I see that there’s a blog from you. No, really, I do. Just ask my co-workers. Wait, you don’t know my co-workers…so how can you ask them? Oh dear, I’m starting to sound like you! Anywho, your blogs always light up my day….even when I’m stuck at work for the 7th straight day in a row. Did I mention that it’s only 84 days until you come see me in Rapid City? No? Well, it’s only 84 days until you come see me in Rapid City!!!!! :)



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