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“January in Minnesota” OR “Blah.

Ok.  So I live in Minnesota.  I have for almost 20 years now.   I grew up in South Dakota.  Not that different, right?  Especially when it comes to winter, right?  Right.  So you would think that by now, I would be fine with the oh so cold winter and the days on end with no sunshine.  But you know something?  I’m not.  I’ll be honest, I like some of the fun outdoor activities that come along with wintertime – skiing, snowball fights, burying Mark in the snow and then forgetting where we put him….all fun.  But somedays, you’re just ready for a good old fashioned heat wave.  Right now, that would mean temps above 10 degrees – but I digress……
I do have to say that this was a pretty fun January – we started it with a trip to Columbus, OH (always fun), then a few shows in our backyard of Maplewood, and we rounded it all out with a mini-tour of Wisconsin where we made a lot of new friends!  So overall, I guess it was pretty good!
So, what am I complaining about then, you ask?  To be honest, now I don’t really know.  Maybe I’m just punchy.  Maybe I’m not looking forward to having to go out in the cold and locate a snow buried Mark McGowan.  Could be anything, really.
Know what I do like?  Spring is just around the corner.  If that corner is like 500 miles away.   But I know it’s there – I just know it.  Just like I know Mark is still wherever we buried him.  I just know it.  I hope.  Gosh, I hope.  Blah.

3 Comments to ““January in Minnesota” OR “Blah.”

  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Oh, Greggy! Your blogs always brighten my day. Love ya, buddy! Now, go find Mark!!! :D

  2. Posted by Gregory

    I have a solution. Once you find Mark you guys could tour the Southeast. The temps are in the low 30′s during the night and 40′s and 50′s during the day. I’d love to see you guys in concert again.

  3. Posted by torridluva

    It’s 81 degrees in Rio de Janeiro.


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