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New TSF CD mastering process

Today is a good day!  Our new CD “twenty one” is being mastered, the final step in a very involved recording project.  The mastering engineer shapes the final mix of each song to make sure that each one “fits” into the overall sound of CD; that the bass, treble, volume and other sonic factors are consistent throughout.  We have had the pleasure of working with three distinct and very talented mix engineers on this CD which makes the mastering process that much more vital.

From choosing the songs to arranging the songs and then learning and finally recording the songs, it takes hundreds of long hours to get to the mastering stage and never has technology been so crucial in keeping us on track and ahead of schedule.  After the initial recording is done in Saint Cloud, the song files and mixes zigzag across the country on internet connections and cell phone towers.  From the editing engineer in Maple Grove to the mix engineers in Las Vegas, Nashville and Minneapolis and back and forth to our iPhones all along the road from Nebraska to Ohio and beyond.  By the time these songs hit the mastering engineer’s desk they have traveled thousands of miles and have been under the microscope of five or six audio engineers.  It is an amazing process and I can’t wait to see the advances new technology will bring in the coming years.  It is a far cry from TSF living/eating/sleeping in a studio in Iowa for thirty days and emerging with a finished product.  That’s another story…for another time.  In the meantime, check out our new CD, “twenty one”, it’s the best one yet.


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  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Hi Mark!

    Wow…what a process, huh? :) I’ve said many times that as much as I love the finished product, I’m also fascinated by the behind-the-scenes happenings-things like choosing songs, arranging, recording, planning tours, marketing….and because I’m an accounting nerd, the business side of TSF.

    Please keep the blogs a comin’!! :-D

    Much love and God Bless!


  2. Posted by Gregory

    I can hardley wait for the CD to come out!


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