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Tonic Sol-fa is recording a new album?!

Posted by Shaun Johnson on Jul 3, 2015 10:25:23 PM

Our newest album, Original, is nearing completion.  This album has, of course, some originals...but it also has our original take on favorite songwriters, original arrangements and versions of a few holiday songs, and an original spin on contemporary a cappella.  I've been playing the raw tracks for a few friends and people seem to agree that we've outdone ourselves... I hope you'll agree!  We definitely feel a new excitement.  And to this end, we've been working on adding special guests, utilizing our Nashville connections, diving into arrangements together and pushing each other to step outside what has been the TSF norm. I cannot wait to share...absolutely cannot wait for you all to listen via your favorite streaming service or by download ... Maybe even old-school CD or with us live!!!!  Now time to get back to work...





Tonic Sol-fa


Winter vs. Summer (OR, The Great Debate)!

Posted by Greg Bannwarth on Jun 29, 2015 5:15:41 PM

Hey all!

Guess what!  Summer's here!  But, I'm afraid that in Minnesota, it's as fleeting as Jared at a Dove family reunion.    Which brings me to a very important question-which do you like better-Jared, or his family?  J/k...I think we all know the answer to that-sorry Jared:(.

What I meant to ask was: which do you like better-winter or summer?  I myself am a summer type of guy, but who's to say I'm right?  Me, that's who.  But for reals, I want to know your thoughts, and why you feel that way.  There's no wrong answer, provided it's the same as mine:)...again, I kid!  Or do I?

So put your thoughts together and let me have it!  Seriously, I want this to be the discussion to end all discussions about the subject.  I want future civilizations to dissect our thoughts, and realize that we were the shapers of our societal dialogue on the matter. Or, I'd be cool with just being able to look back on your responses and have a hearty chuckle.  Either way, good times.  Unlike hanging with Jared at a Dove family reunion. Seriously, that is one apple that fell far from the Dove tree.  But the potluck is worth it.



Tonic Sol-fa

Kickstarter "online gratitude" reward.

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Jun 10, 2015 1:14:21 PM

Our album is well on the way to becoming a reality. We’ve been working hard to make it our best recording yet. It was incredible to see the support as we were raising the funds to produce this CD. We had pledges from not just around the United States, but around the world! Many pledges were from fans, but we had lots of support come in from new listeners as well as long-time Kickstarter supporters who back a number of worthy projects.

We are very thankful to those of you who not only pledged to our project, but also spread the word regarding our fundraising effort! As promised, below are a list of donors who pledged from $5 - $50, and their reward included (but may not have been limited to) “online gratitude”.

As we stated throughout our Kickstarter campaign, it’s not about the size of the individual pledge, but the fact that our community of fans, friends and family pull together and we make this a collaborative effort. When the album is complete we’ll all be able to congratulate each other on a project well-done.

Thanks for allowing us to make our music.

(The following list of name are not in any particular order. Thanks for some clever alias submissions which put a smile on our faces.)

Our special thanks go out to: Dee Eades, Lori York, Jill, Abbi Telander, Bill Gonnsen, Harley Feldman, Patrick Gullick, Kevin and Brenda Elton, Jonathan & Janine, Amy & Jamie Riedesel, Michelle Omar, Mike Palmer, Angela, Jeanette Harris, Jill Schlueter, Whizbang Surprisio,Jessica, William, and Annalise Kohlwey, C. Cipperley, Wayne Sutherland, Martha Clark, Nathan Countryman, Rack R Brown Super Genius, The Preston Family, Kati Brewer, Blamey, Mary A., Lori P., Diana Miles, Joyce H, Aaron & Anna Frahm, mike henning, Shelbi H., Tamara Rood, Peg MacCarthy, Carol Heine, TIm & James, Carolyn Godston, sdbecks, Sorum Family, Michele Beers, Geraldine Bradford, Gerri Owens, Deb Braud, Sharon, Kristine Hackett, Laura Eide, Laura Morgan, Terry Ann Fowler, Kathryn Fanning, Betsy Bower, Amy Quinn, Loecker Family, D. Scott, John Hargrave, Karen Igielski, Todd and Lisa Nesbitt, Marion Lemke, Sue S., Stephanie P., Lindsay Hutchinson, Joshua Bartley,, James Williams, Larry Rea, Kay & Roger Knuth ( Mom & Pop), Joshua Marin, Bev Garrett, Stacy, Dusty Rhoads, Dianne, Steven Held, Shannon Walz, Chad Sundvold family, Deb and Jeff Schense, Judy Haugland, Maggie Oswald, foxymusic, Chuck Z, Kim Ledbetter, Janel Heck, Cindy Pratt, Anna W., Jim & Deb Paulin, Janelle, Murph, Aislinn Koenig, Pamela Kranzler, April from Ohio, Marian Palma Cardona, Terry Moore, Ann Erdmann, Emily "Tinawi - Slap” Tinawi, Michael Bukraba, Kimber, Eric A. Horner, Wade Barger, Jennifer Becker, colleen hendrickson, Miranda Galvin, Kelly Wooden, Nina, Dena Thompson, Holly Girard, Paul, Kyle Nordine, Cori Hansen, Reid Jorgensen, Jamie Mair, Christi Herrick, J2B, Rhonda Huegerich, Adam, Karen Cook, Jodie Dahl, Scott Borwig, KMH, Matthew & Keri, Shannon Brenny, Dave Kish, Kim Shrake, Laurie Nikolai-Svetlik, Jeremy S. Priest,, Jeana L., Clogger Jean, Sharon in Virginia, Mary E., Sandra Dunn, Jill, Dawn Wyatt, The Reel Family, Summer :), Philip Garrott, Rhiannon Rippke-Koch, Jacquelyn Hartwig, Paul W. Moore, Jim Struve, Bob Hollander, Tracy, Brent Berheim, none thanks, Rick Zunker, Corey H, Robert Fensterman, Ned Wagner, Amanda Sigler, Jody and Bobbi Graffunder, Dave, Kris, Nate, & Ali Herbst, Wayne Fluharty

Thanks again!

Greg, Jared and Shaun
Tonic Sol-fa

North Branch show rescheduled!

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Apr 14, 2015 2:40:53 PM

Tonight's show in North Branch, MN has been rescheduled due to illness. The show is now scheduled for Tuesday, May 5th, 2015.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope to see you there.


Tonic Sol-fa


Kickstarter campaign successful!

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Apr 6, 2015 11:18:59 AM

A big thanks to everyone who pledged to our Kickstarter campaign, posted it on social media, sent an email to friends/family, etc.! We're happy to announce you not only hit our original goal of $7500, but went above and beyond bringing the campaign total to a whopping $10,700. Absolutely amazing.

As we had already cautiously begun recording, we can now kick the process into high-gear, knowing the cost is covered. Some of you will even be attending the studio to see our hard work in action (pledge reward), and can report back to the TSF communtiy as well. We look forward to shaing our new album with everyone as soon as it's complete.

Thansk again for all your support!

Greg, Jared and Shaun


Tonic Sol-fa


12 Days and counting left of Tonic Sol-fa Kickstarter campaign!

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Mar 25, 2015 10:59:01 AM

We're getting down to the wire on our Kickstarter campaign, and don't want to waste the time we have remaining. You might be saying "You've already reached your goal. Why should I pledge now?" Good question. We set a modest goal so we would reach it. If we didn't make our goal, we wouldn't have gotten anything (Kickastarter regulations). There's a lot to do when recording, and the only thing that limits us is cost.

Just as exciting, are the incentives that still remain. Want to be a roadie for a day? How about designing the new album cover? Or, you might be interested in having a voice lesson with us, and our vocal instructor? Would you be interested in making your wedding day super-special, by having Tonic Sol-fa perform? There are also spots remaining for the listening party, dinner & a show, and plenty of other great rewards. Check them out and don't miss your chance to see us in a totally different setting.

Thanks for pledging, as well as sharing our Kickstarter campaign with others!


Tonic Sol-fa

Kickstarter campaign

Reasons to continue donating to the Tonic Sol-fa Kickstarter campaign.

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Mar 17, 2015 11:52:36 AM

With only 19 days left in our Kickstarter campaign, we want to make sure the campaign time isn't wasted just because the initial goal has been reached. To encourage, as well as give you an idea of what happens as we exceed our goal, we've made a short list for you.


1. More studio time. Any additional time we can get in-studio, will make the album sound even better. And who doesn't want the album to sound better?

2. More time to experiment with the songs in the studio. Sure it sounds redundant, but there's way more to studio recording besides just laying down the stuff we've practiced for the album. There are a lot of buttons on the sound-board, and we want to see what they do.

3. Special guests. Yes, we know you like to hear us, but it's always nice to bring some extra talent on-board to help give a different sound, excitement, etc. to some of the songs.

4. More rehearsal time to allow for bringing album songs to stage. We want to give the audience a good representation of what they've heard on the album, and that takes time...lots of time.

5. More advertising for the album to fans. We are grateful to our fans who purchase our album, sometimes before you've seen (or heard) it. In order to convince the masses to give it a listen, a little publicity is required.

6. Shoot a music video. We'd really like to give you a professional, multi-media offering of one or more of our songs.

We realize some of these are long-shots, pie-in-the-sky, wants & desires, but as Greg always says, "A Dream is a Wish your heart makes". Hopefully, you'll pledge before the end of the campaign. There are still plenty of great rewards to get for your donation.

Thanks to all of you who've pledged already, as well as those of you who've helped spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign.

Greg, Jared and Shaun

Tonic Sol-fa


Kickstarter goal reached!

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Mar 13, 2015 2:26:43 PM

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! You did it! Let's keep this going and make this album even better! There are still plenty of awesome rewards to be had (many of them limited, so hurry). Even if you pledge at the $10 level (for a digital copy of the CD), or the $20 level (for a physical and digital copy of the CD), that is pre-ordering the CD you're planning on buying anyway and would help us out a lot. We'll even take $1 pledges if you're willing and able to do that.

For those of you up for a larger pledge level, you can spend the day with us, we could record your song, you can design the CD cover, or even have us sing at your wedding, etc.!

We've got plenty to do now that we've met our goal, but we have 23 whole days left of our campaign to continue raising funds for the new CD.

Thanks again for all your help and support!

Greg, Jared and Shaun

Tonic Sol-fa

Click here for Kickstarter Project!


Tonic Sol-fa Kickstarter campaign update

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Mar 10, 2015 5:36:00 PM

Wow! We are amazed (yet not overly surprised) at the response to our Kickstarter campaign.

In the first 4 days, you managed to fund 84% of our Kickstarter campaign to help us make the new album! That breaks down to $6,308 pledged of the $7,500 goal. We need to fund the entire goal by the end of the campaign or we get nothing.

In the event that we manage to go above and beyond our goal, we will be able to get even more creative with the new album, making it that much better. This will give us more time in the studio to correct things that just don't meet expectations, allow more time adding the extras that make the songs sparkle, and a bunch of other stuff. In the end, it's mostly about time. Rushing sucks.

There are still plenty of unique and cool rewards to receive at different pledge levels, but every dollar counts. We'd be happy if you pledge even $1, because if every fan did that we'd easily be over-funded (and able to record a few more albums). However, if the funds just aren't there for you to back us financially (and even if they are), we'd definitely appreciate if you'd post our project link to your social media, etc. Getting the word out is half the battle.


Your support and pledges have been amazing thus far! Let's go for the goal (and beyond) in the remaining 26 days!

Greg, Jared and Shaun

Tonic Sol-fa

Kickstarter page

Check out the new Tonic Sol-fa project on Kickstarter

Posted by Tonic Sol-fa on Mar 7, 2015 12:14:22 AM

We only have 30 days to make this happen. Check out the cool incentives and stay tuned as we round up enough money to record our new album. We're excited to make you part of this next Tonic Sol-fa milestone!

Thanks in advance for your pledge and for helping get the word out on social media!


Greg, Jared and Shaun

Tonic Sol-fa