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Plastic Santa and TSF

Halloween.  All Hallow’s Eve.  Spooky.  Thanksgiving.  Turkey Day.  Gobble.  New Year’s.  Party.  Sleepy.

What do these holidays all have in common?  Plastic Santa loves them all!  Seriously!  We were just talking the other day, and I was like “Yo, PS, what’s your favorite holiday?” And he was all like “You know”.  And I was like “No, I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking”. And then he was like “Well then, lemme tell ya!”

So 2 hours and 7 cups of egg nog later, I got the scoop.  Turns out, the big guy likes all of them – and I don’t just mean the big 3 mentioned earlier (we’re talkin’ Arbor Day, Groundhog’s Day – all of them). Plastic’s reasoning?  They’re all just warmups for the big one (even though New Year’s happens after, he feels it’s the first one of the year – silly PS)!
Anywho, he’s pumped for the 2012 Yuletide and Tonic Holiday Tour, and wanted me to let you know that if you don’t come to one of our holiday shows, he can’t guarantee that you’ll have a “happy holiday”.  I know – kinda harsh words from such a jolly guy.  But that’s Plastic – always been a bit of a maverick.  Which reminds me – I’ve gotta wrap Mark’s gift – “Top Gun – the ultimate box set”. I believe it includes 4 different versions of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” – which just so happens to be Mark’s favorite song of all time.  Seriously, you should ask him about it.
Seriously.  You.  Should.


2 Comments to “Plastic Santa and TSF”

  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    G- Just yesterday I was starting to long for a Greg blog and now, here you are! Kinda cool, if you ask me…..which you didn’t….but I told you anyway. I just adore Plastic Santa and the four guys he travels with. Can’t wait to see all five of you in Rapid City in just 24 days!!! Especially excited to get another one of your amazing hugs…been wanting one for quite some time.

    Much love and God Bless! For realsies.


  2. Posted by Gregory

    Hey G. Ask PS if you guys can make a stop in the southeast United States for a holiday concert next year. It’s a long way from AL to ND, SD, MO or NE. I have your Chirstmas DVD but I would love to see one of your holiday concerts in person.


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