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Tonic Sol-fa ahead of the technology curve for the first time.

Posted by Jared Dove on Jul 5, 2015 5:00:00 PM

So, a few of you have caught our first few live broadcasts on Periscope. For those of you hearing this refernce for the first time, we are talking about the app available for your mobile device (Not the sight apparatus found in submarines, or the cardboard tube you pieced together when you were a kid).

In any case, this handy new app (found in your app store) is the internet's most recent way to keep us all connected, or due to a lack of better judgement, the next detrimental advance in technological society. (Seriously, we shudder to think of the ramifications where this rabbit-hole will go. Parents watch your kiddies with this one.)

Periscope allows us to broadcast live to our fans. For those of you who miss a live broadcast, you will be able to view it online for up to 24 hrs. The great thing about this, is that we can take you anywhere with us (backstage, travel, etc.) and it's live! No editing, no waiting, blah, blah, blah.

The bad thing is...It's LIVE! No editing, no do-over. This means we'll need an extra dose of leniency, patience, and forgiveness. At some point we're bound to do something we regret, say something we regret, or look dreadful. Most likely it won't be any worse than an onstage screw-up, this will just be around for the next 24hrs.

Fortunately you also have the opporunity to respond live via text, which we can read (as can everyone else viewing the broadcast btw, so keep it decent or we'll be forced to block you), and also show some love by tapping the "heart" button. So, if we for instance, have some leftover food on our face or in our teeth, kindly let us know onscreen, so we can remedy it immediately.

We also want to provide an interesting broadcast to our faithful followers, so if you have a subject (musical or otherwise) or setting (performance setup, backstage, airport travel, restaurant, etc.) you'd like to see, let us know.

It's always exciting to test out new technology and see where we can connect with our fans. Sometimes things work and our fans dig it, sometimes they don't. We kind of hope this one does.

See you on the interlink.



Tonic Sol-fa