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Tonic Sol-fa holiday tour 2015 rundown

Posted by Shaun Johnson on Oct 30, 2015 10:52:05 PM

I read a lot of posts/notes/blogs from people who've seen TSF numerous times. And the common theme seems to be that a Tonic Sol-fa show will surprise you yet always entertain you.  Well let's just say we are working on the surprises this year.  
Will you get a peek into Greg's creative genius, arrangement-focused mind?  Maybe.  
Will you watch two members pull off a song-length dance?  Probably.  Sorry about this one.
Will Plastic Santa - finally returned after being held hostage most of the year - provide some more irreverent punch?  Gonna be likely.  
Is it possible that we will have three people attempt a rap?  Depends on the show.  
Will the three of us finally sing a song from our very first movie soundtrack? Yes, unless rehearsals stink.  
Might someone play percussion?  A piano?  A tuba?  Let's get a little crazy, a cappella people.  
Will we finally get to that ultimate convergence of technology, elegance, humor and vocal gymnastics wrapped in the purity of the human voice?  Time will tell... time will tell.  (Not sure why I repeated that last line... but if you could see me, I'm slowly walking out the door for emphasis.)


Tonic Sol-fa