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Tonic Sol-fa tour pre-announcement

Posted by Greg Bannwarth on Feb 5, 2016 9:43:58 AM

Hey, Gang!

So, here we are.  2016.  Whodathunkit?  TSF is still going, and going, and going.  That's right.  We're like the Energizer bunny of the a cappella world.  Except less rabbit-like.  Except for the ears.  Especially Jared's.

And, since we are still going, we'd love for you to come along for the ride!  Let's start with our upcoming "Favorite Bands" tour.  That's right.  I said "Favorite Bands."  Why, you ask?  Well, you see, we all have our favorite bands - for instance, some of mine  are The Eagles, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys; Shaun can't decide on his because he has so many, and Jared's, of course, is Captain and Tennille.  AND, we're sure you have yours.  Hopefully, we fall into that category for you, which is why we want to get out there and show you just how much we appreciate your support!

Wanna know something else?  For those of you who haven't seen us in the past year, you're in for a real treat!  Why?  Well, 2015 was quite a year of change for us, and I gotta say, it's only gotten better!  We had a blast all year with new shows, new songs, our special guest Theo Brown, and this year looks to continue the trend!!!  Who knows, maybe Jared will finally even get to sing "Muskrat Love" for the masses.  Or not.  Hopefully not.

Either way, keep checking in with us on social media and the like (those Greg and Jared on the road vids are da bomb) for updated info on the "Favorite Bands" tour and the like, and hopefully we'll see you "on the road!"  Get it?  Like our super funny videos?  I know, right?  I'm very funny.

Love will keep us together,



Tonic Sol-fa

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