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TSF 2012 Holiday Tour

Only a few short days til the kick-off Christmas concert of our 2012 TSF Holiday Tour!  We are busily preparing – have we stopped since last Christmas?  And I’m excited about this year’s format.  We have decided to do a 1st half of TSF gems from the vault; Joseph’s Song, Grace, Baby King … songs we have not performed live in years… AND do a second half of all NEW songs, including a laid back version of Winter Wonderland and a 40′s mod version of the Elton John Christmas song, “Step into Christmas.”  Intrigued?  No?  Well let’s just say Greg’s Christmas outfit will either convince you or send you packing.  Ha!  In either case, I look forward to spending a week in rehearsals to make this Christmas tour our best ever… See you all on the road!


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  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Hey buddy!

    Soooo happy that I’ll get to hear some old-school TSF songs live and in person!! I feel I missed out on so much of your career since I’m still a relatively new fan….hard to believe, huh? I feel like I’ve known you guys forever…and yes, that is a good thing! :D Hearing these songs on CD is one thing…but being able to experience them live…..WOW!!!

    Cannot wait to see you in just 24 days…..well, more like 23 1/2 days! You know me and numbers!!! :)



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