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Interview with Greg

Q: How would you describe your stage presence/persona?
Greg: I would say most people perceive me to be the suave, well put together member of the group. Yeah. That’s it. I believe that I am the one who can be counted on to do or say something off the wall that will hopefully make the audience (as well as the other guys) chuckle. It’s basically just who I am (on a good day) after 10 cans of Red Bull.

Q What is the history of Plastic Santa, and why is he important to Tonic Sol-fa?
Greg: Plastic Santa started out at one of our very first holiday shows. I just happened to see a plastic Santa Claus lawn ornament backstage during one of our songs and thought “Hey, I could do something funny with that!” As it turns out, we found our own Plastic Santa and in the following shows, (as well as the following years of shows), continued to find ways to incorporate him. Whether an audience member likes him or not, he seems to have become a mainstay of our Christmas tours, and is also the public face of our own charitable foundation-Plastic

Q: What are some interesting things about your background that people might be surprised to hear?
Greg: Well let’s see, the not so interesting and more predictable things about my background were the many plays, musicals, musical groups etc. I was part of growing up in Sioux Falls, SD. I also played soccer, football, basketball and powerlifting and such, and was very busy hanging out with friends and of course being very, very studious.

Q: Why do you do what you do for a living?
Greg: I’m doing it! I love singing, arranging, songwriting and being a goofball on stage, and guess what, here I am!

Q: What strengths do you bring to the group?
Greg: I believe my strengths are similar to what I wrote above as well as I’m a facilitator, so I’m told.

Q: What is your defining quote, or statement that would define who you are, or that helps people know you better?
Greg: “I love cookies!”

Q: What is your favorite movie quote?
Greg: “You know it!”

Q: What do you do on your day off?
Greg: Hang out with my family!



Sioux Falls, South Dakota