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Greg summarizes the holiday tour

Hey!  Hey You!  Guess what month it is?  GUESS WHAT MONTH IT IS!!!  It’s November – woot woot!  Know what that means?  I do!  It means our holiday tour is about to begin!  And I mean soon!  Too soon, you ask?  I think not.  Why do I think not?  Because you can never get into the holiday mood too early.  Or can you?  Know what I’m talking about Target?  I kid.  Or do I?

I guess what I’m trying to say is,  I’m excited to get started on the 2013 tour – man is it gonna be great!  We’ve got some new songs, old favorites -  I get to take my tights and Plastic Santa out of mothballs (don’t ask me why I keep Plastic Santa in mothballs, but apparently he likes it in there) – oh man, I’m getting jolly just thinking about it!

You know what?  I think you should join us for a show or two this year.  I mean, what do you have to lose?  Even if you don’t like certain things about it (the tights, a song that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Jared), it’s still more fun to get out and about instead of another night in front of the t.v. – unless you’re Jared and you bring a t.v. into the dressing room – can’t miss Cake Boss.

So, in summation, come out and see us, we can chat, have a few laughs, and maybe shed a tear or two (ok, that only happened once, and that was because Mark didn’t get what he wanted from his secret Santa – he’s better now)…Happy Holidays!


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  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Oh, Greg. You are such a hoot! I miss you, buddy. :)


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