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Greg talks about himself in 3rd person (TSF)

Guess what everybody – it’s 2014!!!!  What what?  Aw, yeah.  Time to get your 2014 on.  For Reals.  Yeah.

You know what I like about this year?  Lots of things.  Lots.  Can’t even tell you.  That’s how much.  For one thing, it’s TSF’s 20th Anniversary.  Yup, we might even have cake.  Not sure yet.  I like marble.  20 years?  Really?  That’s like almost as long as Jared’s latest probation, Mark’s most recent sweater purchase, and Shaun and Greg’s songwriting partnership.  How many of you can say you’ve had relationships that long?  I can tell you one thing, it’s been fun – big time.  And the stories I could tell.  Oh boy.  Oh, ho, ho boy.  Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, boy.  Oh……you get the picture.

Know what else is cool?  Pretty sure we’ll have a few more stories made in the years to come.  Starting with NYC and St. Louis in January, to who knows where throughout the rest of the year (seriously, I haven’t looked at the calendar after that), and not to mention the numerous projects we have on the burners for the whole stinkin’ year.
Lots of projects.  Lots.  Can’t even tell you.  That’s how many.

Also, I sure do hope all of you were able to make it to one of our holiday shows – they were a hoot!  Plastic Santa made a few appearances, as did the tights, and we even sang a song or two.  They were great.  Really.  I liked them all.  Again, hope you saw them.  If not, too bad.  So sad.

Alright, gotta go now – got some party planning to do – marble cake here I come.


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  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Oh, Greggy! You are the BEST medicine! For realsies. Reading your blogs is like having a conversation with you…mostly because you do most of the talking but that’s what I like! I even hear your voice when I read through your blogs….and sometimes Plastic Santa’s voice which sounds a lot like your voice sometimes. Weird, huh? Anyhoo, the voices in my head all blend together most of the time so it doesn’t really matter. I can’t wait to see/hear/witness all that you dear friends will offer in your 20th anniversary year! Wowsers. That’s a long time!! Love you bunches!!! :)


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