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RE: Tonic Sol-fa

It is finally spring here in Minnesota?  It is, right?  I compose this as we travel through IA and enjoy a bit of sun (on the dead brown grass and barren trees). Spring is coming, right?  In any case, it’s the perfect time for a revamp… a renewal… a rejuvenation… or any other “re” word one may wish to insert in this sentence.  To that end, we will be rolling out a new website, new pictures, a new show, new tours, a new recording or two, a unique video, and maybe even different clothes.  Who is getting tired of the same tired, striped socks?  Time for polka dots, people!  We are taking more voice lessons, starting dance lessons, writing, arranging and generally getting back to the energy that propelled TSF to it’s current state.  Look for new kinds of tours and much more from today thru the last days of summer.  Spring has invigorated us and our goal is to be “rolling” by August with all of the aforementioned items finished or enacted.  Should be an interesting 4 months (and beyond!).





Tonic Sol-fa

2 Comments to “RE: Tonic Sol-fa”

  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Geez, I hope you’re kidding about the dance lessons…. I think that ship has sailed, my dear. :)

    Someone should get someone some socks for Christmas….. Ahem…..

  2. Posted by Gregory

    Will you be doing Polka music to go with the Polka Dots?


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