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I don’t know how closely you have all been paying attention, but you may have noticed an on-going string of vehicular mishaps over the past few years. I would love nothing more than to identify the individual responsible for each incident, but sadly, I would be only pointing at myself.  From climbing rocks in Wyoming and jack-knifing the trailer into the rear bumper to clipping a deer in Clearwater and rolling over one too many sharp objects with the trailer, I have amassed a distinguished list of fender-benders and flat tires. I suppose it all comes with the territory, at least I can think that as I keep an eye out for all the other beat up trucks and trailers cruising the highways. Soon, we will no longer be a member of that parade as the last of the body work on the truck will be finished during a break in our February schedule and a new trailer is in the works for summer delivery. I think I speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait for the truck and trailer be back at full-strength…if only for a little while.



Tonic Sol-fa


  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Hi Mark!

    Based on vlogs, FB posts, police reports, rumors, etc….it sounds like all four of you have had a share in TSF’s long line of vehicular mishaps….which is one of many reasons why I pray for you guys daily. ;) Ok, so maybe not *many* reasons…just that God keeps my friends happy, healthy and safe!


  2. Posted by Gregory

    Mark, is that the reason they had you buried in the snow? Was that your punishment.
    It’s good that the rest of the guys were able to find you.

  3. Posted by kaffy

    Hey Mark, Maybe you should give up the job on driving and pass it onto someone else. LOL

    Or maybe be like the big boys and get a small tour bus :P .. no? oh. well. just be careful please :P


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