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TSF Holiday Show

This year’s show will truly be different.  We’ve been taking voice lessons all year…stepping up our game…trying to push…for those who finally decide to see us and for those who make our show a tradition.  As we prepare for another tour, my mind flashes to past years.  And I remember all the kids who’ve shown up in tights (sorry parents), snow in auditoriums that seemed to dump disproportionately on Mark’s head, icy figure eights on frozen interstates, cigar shoppes and independent coffee houses, firing confetti at a flying Santa, rappelling in Christmas shorts from the ceiling of the opera house, standing on empty stages with chairs soon to be filled, lights and haze, neon gloves (sorry Jared), thousands of hand shakes and hugs, and I think, “We were built for this.”


2 Comments to “TSF Holiday Show”

  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    You sure are built for this, sweet friend. You, and them other three. Oh, and I fully expect to see all of the above at this year’s show….well, except for the icy figure eights on frozen interstates thing. I’m already a nervouse wreck when I know that the four of you are on the road! :)

  2. Posted by Myrna

    I was just saying to a friend this morning how you are all doing what God intended for you to do. Wow. Shaun, you feel the music with every ounce of your being….and it shows!! Love watching you perform. Thanks for the JOY.


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