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TSF Holiday Tour in motion

The shows are SO enjoyable (and different) this year… People seem to be responding en masse to the new “Earth Stood Still” project, requesting singles of “Leaving Heaven” and commenting on the various, unexpected surprises in each show.  I feel like we are singing better than ever (mostly due, I’m thinking, to a year of overdue voice lessons!), and there seems to be a bigger sense of holiday in the air.  We are coming to your city so spread the word!  I look forward to hearing YOUR reaction!!!




2 Comments to “TSF Holiday Tour in motion”

  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Every year the show gets even better! Seriously. Love you all…..and Greg says it’s NOT his fault! :D

  2. Posted by Marcy

    The show was the best I’ve seen, (Eau Claire Regional Arts Center) I was laughing so much my face was sore at the end of the night. Wonderful performance your heart and soul pour over into every song! I will be looking forward to catching your next show when you are in town.


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