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TSF thanks our sponsors

With the 2012 holiday tour finally over and the past year becoming a distant memory, we want to give a huge thank-you to our sponsors to wrap things up.

First-off is a thanks to our major sponsor, Wells Blue Bunny, who has worked with us not just on our holiday tour, but throughout the entire year. This great corporation collaborated with us yet again, allowing us to promote their delicious product, meanwhile helping us to accomplish a myriad of opportunities within our industry. (Gotta go get a bowl of Bunny Tracks, with all this talk of ice-cream.)

We also want to thank St. Cloud Toyota for donating the Sequoia for us to use during our holiday tour. It was the perfect vehicle for the midwest winter roads! You can also be assured that we avoided eating Cheetos, spaghetti, bbq ribs and sloppy joes while in your fine motorcar.

We wish you both a happy and prosperous 2013!

Many thanks,
Tonic Sol-fa


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