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TSF to raise $ for FMSC

Those of you that don’t get our e-letter, or have it casually placed in your spam folder, may have missed some of the following information…

We’re writing to let you know of a great charity that we’re raising money for this year, Feed My Starving Children. This great organization has a simple approach – hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children and adults – and they ship these meals to nearly 70 countries around the world. We were also excited to know that a single meal costs only 22 cents to produce and 92 percent of total donations goes directly toward the food program.

Knowing how great TSF fans have been at supporting our efforts in the past, we knew this was going to be a breeze! If we got each of you to donate $1 (not even the cost of a cup of coffee) – that’s four and a half meals each -  multiplied by everyone that receives this email…well let’s just say we’ll be well over 2 million meals!  Can you imagine that? For $80, FMSC is able to provide a single child food for an entire year!

We want to track all donations from our fans, so that we can give you a grand total at the end as well as updates along the way (Please note “Tonic Sol-fa” on all your donations).

Donations can be made directly at the FMSC website if you’re using a credit card. (Click box in the sections marked “Additional Information.” Then use the drop-down box marked “What prompted you to give today?” and select Tonic Sol-fa.)

- Mail checks to:
Feed My Starving Children
401 93rd Avenue NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55433
(Be sure to include Tonic Sol-fa in the memo line.)

Thanks for your help in getting food to those in need!

Tonic Sol-fa

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  1. Posted by Gregory

    Thanks for letting us know about FMSC. Thia is a great oppertunity to help someone in need. Also, thanks to you guys for caring about others.


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