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It’s always great to be back home again in Minnesota…safe and sound…which is more than I can say for our Toyota Tundra. Yet another tour when the truck takes a beating from the elements and the individuals behind the wheel (mostly me). While driving through Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia (and back again) we added a few new dents and a couple replacement parts to our truck. With the exception of an unknown vehicle backing into our driver’s door in Indiana, it mostly boils down to a long couple days in Nashville. It started with the cooling fan that would not turn off making it sound like the truck’s transmission was going to drop at any moment. Fortunately, it was just the fan clutch function. Unfortunately, the repair would take at least 24 hours because the part was not available until the next afternoon. To complicate the matter further, we had to be in West Virginia in 24 hours for a performance. The solution, a rental car to haul the four of us and our microphones to the Green Brier Resort in White Sulpher Springs, WV (an unprecedented scenically stunning drive by the way). I forgot to mention that, prior to bringing the truck into the Toyota service shop, I managed to destroy a tire on the trailer by catching a curb in downtown Nashville and had to have that tire replaced at the Goodyear establishment. When the trailer was on four wheels again, I headed back to Toyota to drop the trailer and leave the truck for the repair the next day. I navigated through the all the cars on the lot beautifully and found the perfect place to leave the trailer overnight. While positioning the trailer for the drop, I noticed a telephone pole in my driver’s side mirror millimeters before I would have added yet another dent to our Tundra. It was only after I dropped the trailer that I realized I had only avoided the second encounter with the telephone pole. My disgust reached its peak when I noticed the new “nudge” coated with brown paint on driver’s side rear door (of all the telephone poles in the world, I had to drive all the way to Nashville to find one that is painted and run into it – brilliant).  With Nashville behind us and University of St. Thomas and the great state of Minnesota in front of us things were looking up. And, we should have been when the industrial size garage door in the UST loading dock game down on our windshield with enough force to fracture the glass and, as a result, tear the wiper blade. There is now a brand new windshield in the truck (thank you to the fine folks at Safelite) and I just picked up a new wiper blade today. As it stands, the truck is almost back to 100%. We are looking over a couple estimates for paintless dent repair and discovering it is in no way, painless dent repair.



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  1. Posted by Marcia Zacher

    Wowsers. Sometimes there just are no words. Other than the self-inflicted incidents, how do these things keep happening to you? Yikes!

  2. Posted by Gregory

    Wow! ‘glad I’m not your truck!


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